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Live at the Black Cat (CD)

Live at the Black Cat (CD)

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One can’t underestimate the effect of the locale on this music. The Black Cat was a ramshackle, no frills dive music bar with minimal to no cover charge, cheap beer and free hot dogs where the bands were required to play for the better part of four hours by its proprietor, the eccentric Paul Sessums. After playing the club for the better part of the previous year, Soulhat was packing the joint with a mixture of college students, neo-hippies, bikers and music fans of all stripes. “It was a huge musical and social melting pot, and something irreplaceable,” notes Soulhat guitarist Billy Cassis.  Sixth Street wasn’t yet the bustling nightlife district it became.  But among the handful of music clubs there at the time, The Black Cat was notable for its utterly unpretentious good time vibe.  Unfortunately, the club burned down from an electrical fire in early July of 2002 and is now just a boarded over shell between the neighboring buildings, which in a way is apropos if not a fitting memorial. What remains is many memories, and on this album, the music that was made there. The 15 songs on this set were recorded direct to two tracks on two successive hot summer nights at the end of August 1991 at the Black Cat Lounge on East Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. Soulhat put out the first 10 songs here as a self-released issue of 5,000 cassettes, and once all weresold, that was it. This remastered reissue adds 5 tracks that didn’t make the 1991 final cut. In both batches are songs that the band later rerecorded, but as front man Kevin McKinney notes, “none of them were improved on.”  

Track listing: 

1.Find the Time. 

2. Garbage Man 

3. Preacherman 

4. Neighbor 

5. Revenge of the Electric Man 

6. Barely 

7. Skinny Dipping 

8. Write it All Down 

9. Alone 

10. Wanna know 

11. Better 

12. Mailbox 1

3. Long Time 

14. Son of Big Chief 

15. Love me Now