Charlie Robison - Beautiful Day
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Charlie Robison - Beautiful Day

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Beautiful Day is the followup to Charlie’s 2004 Dualtone debut, Good Times which included the hit single and video “El Cerrito Place” and climbed into the Top 10 on CMT’s Top Video Countdown. Let’s just get it out of the way right up front: In the five years between, Good Times, and his new release, Beautiful Day, Charlie Robison got divorced from his wife Emily (of The Dixie Chicks). So it’s only natural to assume that this is his “divorce album,” which is not altogether untrue. But as with all devoted songwriters, Robison writes from a perspective that draws from and speaks to larger matters and issues within human experience and life in these times. And as the title indicates, even if this album is to a notable degree about and informed by the end of his marriage, there’s something different and more at work here.

Beautiful Day is ultimately an album that chronicles the processes and resulting growth one goes through and finally the redemption to be found
within such a major life event In between one finds such compelling new Robison compositions as the psychedelically tinged “Yellow Blues,” the
upbeat and spry “Feelin’ Good,” the emotionally stormy “If The Rain Don’t Stop,” the somber “Middle of the Night” and the kicking country-rock
hoedown of “She’s So Fine.” As with his last album, Robison includes two numbers by one of his favorite songwriters, Keith Gattis, “Down Again”
and “Reconsider,” both of which fit the album’s theme perfectly, as does Bobby Bare Jr.’s “Nothin’ Better to Do.” All told, it’s an album that takes
the listener through a gamut of feelings that by its end leaves one wiser and more mature as well as wonderfully entertained

Track listing:
1. Beautiful Day
2. Reconsider
3. Yellow Blues
4. Feeling Good
5. Middle of the Night
6. Rain Don’t Stop
7. Nothing Better to Do
8. Down Again
9. She’s Fine
10. Racing in the Streets