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Songs and Stories (CD)

Songs and Stories (CD)

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Recorded live, Songs And Stories recounts an evening of music and insight from the legendary troubadour that spans Clark’s 40 years of rough-and-tumble yet earnest storytelling. This latest effort from Clark includes brand new recordings of L.A. Freeway, The Randall Knife, The Cape, Homegrown Tomatoes, Stuff That Works and other well-known fan favorites plus some of the stories behind them.  


Track Listing:

1.  Introduction

2.  L.A. Freeway

3.  Story:  Sometimes They Come Easy

4.  Maybe I Can Paint Over That

5.  Story:  Townes' Road Keets

6.  If I Needed You

7.  The Cape

8.  Homegrown Tomatoes

9.  Shawn And Verlon

10.  Story:  The Legend Of Sis Draper

11.  Sis Draper

12.  Magnolia Wind

13.  Story:  I'm From Greasy Bend

14.  Darweitta's Mandolin

15.  Story:  Hang In There

16.  Joe Walker's Mare

17.  A nod to Rodney Crowell

18.  Stuff That Works

19.  Out In The Parkin' Lot

20.  Intro:  The Randall Knife

21.  The Randall Knife

22.  Curtain call for the cast

23.  Dublin Blues