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The Greencards - Movin' On (CD)

"MOVIN' ON is a heck of a debut... Government should allow these GREENCARDS permanent resident status."~No Depression

"If you like Nickel Creek and the Dixie Chicks- bands that can really play and sing- then you'll love the GREENCARDS." ~ Kevin Connor KGSR radio

"Their CD MOVIN' ON is one of the best I've heard in twenty years." ~ Robert Earl Keen

"From the sweet sounds of "VICTIM TO THE TOMB" to the hot picking on "SMALL TOTS," MOVIN' ON from the GREENCARDS is one of my favorite albums." ~Kasey Chambers

Drawn together by a common passion for creating inspired acoustic music, these three sterling musicians crossed continents to collide deep in the heart of Texas, where -- known as the Greencards -- they've rapidly distinguished themselves amongst a new generation of acoustic musicians. By any measure, 2004 has been a watershed year for The Greencards. Named "Best New Band" at the Austin Music Awards and nominated as "Best New Emerging Talent" at Nashville's Americana Music Awards, the group simultaneously vaulted to the front-lines of a crowded field in the twin capitols of American Roots music.

1. Jolly Hockeysticks
2. Movin' On
3. The Far Side of the Hill
4. Love's a Word I Never Throw Around
5. Caleb Meyer
6. Small Tots
7. You Pulled Me Out
8. Leonardo's Ride
9. The Man from Galilee
10. Six White Horses
11. Victom to the Tomb
12. Life's a Freeway