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Cleopatra - Deluxe Edition  (Digital Download)

Cleopatra - Deluxe Edition (Digital Download)

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This item includes:

- Mp3 files of ‘Cleopatra’ (Deluxe)

- Includes 4 extra tracks not available on standard edition

"There’s a deep sense of deliberation about the album, as if every word and every sound had been weighed and pondered, not for radio consumption, but out of an ascetic craftsmanship." - The New York Times

Track List:

1) Sleep On The Floor

2) Ophelia

3) Cleopatra

4) Gun Song

5) Angela

6) In The Light

7) Gale Song

8) Long Way From Home

9) Sick In The Head

10) My Eyes

11) Patience

Bonus Tracks:

12) Where The Skies Are Blue

13) Everyone Requires A Plan

14) White Lie

15) Cleopatra (Acoustic)