Carry The Ghost Vinyl (2x180g)
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Carry The Ghost Vinyl (2x180g)

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-2x180g Vinyl Record in Black

-Download Card included with the LP that includes TWO bonus tracks

"Man, in a word, has no nature; what he has is — history." – Jose Ortega

For Noah Gundersen, the past few years have brought about immense growth and change, both as an artist and as a young man grappling with issues of identity and independence. It should come as little surprise, then, that his stunning new album, Carry The Ghost is so heavily influenced by existential philosophy. What's so striking, though, is hearing a 25-year-old articulate such weighty themes, packaging them into heartbreakingly gorgeous melodies with a plainspoken language that cuts to the quick upon first listen. Then again, Noah Gundersen has never aimed for ordinary.

Track List: 

SIDE A: 1. Slow Dancer  |  2. Halo (Disappear/Reappear)  |  3. Selfish Art  |  4. Show Me The Light

SIDE B:  1. The Difference  |  2.  Silver Bracelet  |  3. I Need A Woman

SIDE C:  1. Jealous Love  |  2. Empty From The Start  | 3. Blossom

SIDE D: 1. Topless Dancer  |  2. Heartbreaker  |  3. Planted Seeds