Cheers (Coozie)
Cheers (Coozie)
Cheers (Coozie)
Cheers (Coozie)
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Cheers (Coozie)

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A one-of-a-kind reversible drink coozie commemorating The Wild Reeds' new album Cheers. You can even mark in someone to "keep cheering for" on the bottom! Sip happily (and responsibly).


Cheers Track Listing:
  1. Moving Target
  2. Telepathic Mail
  3. A Way to Stop
  4. Lose My Mind
  5. Play It Safe
  6. Young & Impressionable
  7. Giving Up On You
  8. Don't Pretend
  9. P.S. Nevermind
  10. Run & Hide
  11. My Name
  12. Get Better
  13. Cheers