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Evening Machines (Signed Vinyl)

Sold out.

Very limited quantity of Gregory Alan Isakov's new album Evening Machines on 180-gram vinyl with a bonus signed jacket.

    This includes the LP of Evening Machines plus an additional jacket signed by Gregory. The vinyl packaging includes a coupon to download 320kbps MP3 files of the album. 
    Please DO NOT download files on a mobile device, it will not work.

    Track List:

    Side A

    1. Berth
    2. San Luis
    3. Southern Star
    4. Powder
    5. Bullet Holes
    6. Was I Just Another One

    Side B

    1. Caves
    2. Chemicals
    3. Dark, Dark, Dark
    4. Too Far Away
    5. Where You Gonna Go
    6. Wings In All Black