Dualtone Music Group

My New Moon (Vinyl + B-Sides Vinyl Bundle)

This bundle includes:

- The standard edition of My New Moon on vinyl.

My New Moon B-Sides on limited-edition blue vinyl, which includes a live cut, unreleased tracks, and a cover of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"

- a 320kbps MP3 download of the deluxe edition of My New Moon, containing both the standard album and the deluxe tracks instantly sent via email. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE FILES ON A MOBILE DEVICE.

Track Listing:

Standard Album:

Side A

  1. No More Darkness, No More Light
  2. Louisville
  3. Little Light
  4. All You Got Is A Song
  5. I Get Weak

Side B

  1. Crooked
  2. Hang On, Hang On
  3. Don't Give A Damn Anymore
  4. Whiskey On Ice
  5. Don't Fade Away


Side A:

  1. Little Bear [Bonus Track]
  2. Summer All Over [Bonus Track]
  3. Dying White Light [Bonus Track]

Side B:

  1. What's Going On [Bonus Track]
  2. No More Darkness, No More Light (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
  3. Don't Give A Damn Anymore (Blake Mills Mix) [Bonus Track]
  4. Song For Tops [Bonus Track]