RobinElla - Solace For The Lonely (CD)
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RobinElla - Solace For The Lonely (CD)

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"Imagine a country-influenced, trained Billie Holiday... sultry and engaging." - DAILY VARIETY

"RobinElla has a sweet, sophisticated approach that never pushes or strains, just glides Billie Holiday-like" - Christian Bordal, NPR

"I'm stunned there's just no precedent for this. It's so unique and fresh." - Rob Reinhart, Acoustic Cafe

"She sings country-influenced jazz that is positively silky" - Boston Globe

1. Break It Down Baby
2. Solace For The Lonely
3. Press On
4. Down The Mountain
5. Whippin Wind

6. Come Back My Way
7. Little Boy
8. Oh So Sexy
9. Teardrops
10. All I've Given
11. Waiting
12. Brand New Key
13. I Fall In Love As Much As I Can