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Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On... (Ltd. Edition Vinyl & T-Shirt Bundle)

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Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On (The Donor Blues EP And Nobody's Fool) on clear double 180-gram vinyl.  This vinyl consists of b-sides and rare tracks from Shakey Graves' catalog.  The vinyl comes with a download card for 320kbps mp3s of the whole double-album.

Bundle also includes a t-shirt in the badass design of your choice.

Includes an instant download of "Nobody's Fool" on 320kbps mp3, sent to your email on completion of purchase.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD ON A COMPUTER, NOT A PHONE OR TABLET.

Track List:

LP 1

Side A

  1. The Donor Blues
  2. Doe, Jane
  3. Humor Maze
  4. Stereotypes Of A Blue Collar Male

Side B

  1. Alexander, City Born
  2. War Horn
  3. Good Police
  4. Family Tree
  5. If Not For You (Demo)

LP 2

Side C

  1. Nobody's Fool
  2. Oh My Poison
  3. Wolfman Agenda
  4. Pay The Road

Side D

  1. Seeing All Red
  2. Love, Patiently
  3. Wither
  4. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  5. Clearasil (The Ladies)


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