To Be Loved (Vinyl)
To Be Loved (Vinyl)
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To Be Loved (Vinyl)

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Now re-pressed on 180 gram Coke Bottle Green Vinyl. Comes with free download of four un-released bonus tracks.

"This record is pure gold, arresting in its beauty, comforting it its profound ease. One of my all time favorites." - Kanene Pipkin (The Lone Bellow)

“one of the best young songwriters in Nashville”  Pitchfork

“From the first measure, you hear the unmistakable sound of the pure and uncompromised spirit of an artist who just wants to sing what’s in his heart. And it rocks you right down to your soul…” –

“Cockrell’s gotta be the guy who found that perfect pop sensibility Paul Simon seems to have lost somewhere along the way. But that’s not the only thing that makes Cockrell’s music so affecting (his recent, faith-focused To Be Loved EP, in particular). Cockrell layers that gorgeously innate sense into folk- and Americana-pop songs that keep a rustic honesty despite being fleshed and lush and haunting, like gingham dresses trimmed in lace. It comes across, maybe, via the strength of Cockrell’s voice: It’s controlled and warm, but the edges break subtly and never with affect, like a guy who really inhabits the meaning in his words. The words: “Truth will keep on shining, like a morning sun, brighter than troubled winds can blow/ And if you lose your vision, you can use my eyes to see just where it is you need to go.” – The Tennessean