Dualtone Music Group

So Much More (CD)

Says John Mayer in Rolling Stone magazine, "I'm really into this kid Brett Dennen, who I heard at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. He may get lumped in with the Jack Johnson feel-good/barefoot thing, but he's so much different than that. He's timeless-he's probably twenty-five, but he seems like he's twenty-five in 1972. He paints these gorgeous pictures, musically, where you think, 'I want to hear his voice, I want to hear that guitar, and I want to hear those melodies.' I put him on as a head clearer."

Lush shimmering vocals, an intricately groovin' guitar style, and a lyrical beauty rare in a young writer, Dennen's folk nouveau style is one that sounds immediately familiar yet pleasantly unique. This California native continues to grow his fan base with a live show consisting of the honest songwriting of a Jack Johnson and the attention grabbing energy of a Ben Harper leaving all in his wake yearning for more.