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Frequently Asked Questions

Where's my order?

We do our best to include USPS tracking numbers with every order.  Email us if you would like additional information not provided by the tracking number.

How long will my order take to ship?

Here are shipping estimates for each type of item (all will vary by order weight and destination):

CD/CD bundles: 2-4 business days in the US, 1 week for Canada/UK, 1.5-2 weeks for rest of world

Vinyl/Vinyl Bundles: 4-7 business days in the US, 1-1.5 weeks for Canada/UK, 1.5-2 weeks for rest of world

Why isn't my download link working / where are my files?

Downloads included with store items can only be accessed via a computer, not a mobile phone, iPad, tablet, etc.  Mobile devices do not possess the unzipping capability necessary to access the files.  Once they've been downloaded onto a computer, they can easily be imported into iTunes, etc. for mobile listening.  If you still need help with getting your mp3s, email us.

Do you ship worldwide?

We sure do! Delivery times and shipping rates will vary depending on country, though.  Feel free to email us with questions.

I ordered a CD/Vinyl, why did I get emailed a download code?

Nearly all of the albums we stock in our store come with a free download of a song that is emailed to you immediately after purchase.  Don't worry, you'll still get your physical product you ordered; the download is to tide you over while your CD or LP is on its way to you.  Still have questions? Email us

Can I exchange my t-shirt for another size/color?

Absolutely! If upon receiving your order you'd like another size or color, email us and we'll happily exchange it for you, provided the size/design is in stock.

I ordered the wrong size shirt!

If you find you ordered the wrong size shirt upon receiving your order confirmation, email us with the size you'd like instead and we'll make sure the correct size is included in your order once shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: We make this change manually.  Your shipment confirmation will still include the incorrect size; we can't make any changes once an order is completed.  Example: an XS was ordered, it was manually changed to a Large.  The confirmation email will still say XS, but the customer will get a Large.  If the size is still not correct, please contact us.

I ordered the wrong item(s)!

Email us with your order number and we'll cancel the order.  A refund will be issued to the account used to purchase.  Unfortunately we can't alter orders once they've been placed, so you'll have to place a new order with the correct item(s).