Workbench Songs (CD)
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Workbench Songs (CD)

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 Workbench Songs is Guy Clark's tenth studio recording and a continuation in the evolution of his mastery of song and craft.  The man who gave us "L.A. Freeway," "Desperados Waiting For A Train," "Old No. 1," "That Old Time Feeling" and "The Randall Knife," has delivered another song collection every bit as timeless as the best music of his career.


 Track Listing:

 1.  Walkin' Man

 2.  Magdalene

 3.  Tornado Time In Texas

 4.  Funny Bone

 5.  Expose

 6.  Out In The Parkin' Lot

 7. No Lonesome Tune

 8.  Cinco de Mayo In Memphis

 9.  Analog Girl

 10.  Worry B Gone

 11.  Diamond Joe