Life Is Elsewhere (Vinyl)
Life Is Elsewhere (Vinyl)
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Life Is Elsewhere (Vinyl)

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The unlikely combination of a Cambridge graduate, particle physicist and a local sailor make up the three legged didactic table that is Little Comets, proud descendents of the hue drenched hills of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a northern city in the British Isles. Bearing a name picked at random from a list of others; Robert, Michael and Matthew attempt to create a lilting combination of deft percussive nuance and melodic shimmer, shrouded in a veil of abstract lyrics.   

Life is Elsewhere staunchly demonstrates the ability of Little Comets to blend vernacular and content - pairing propulsive beats with layered melodies in the vein of a more sedate Talking Heads or less conspicuous Vampire Weekend.  Offered on 180g premium vinyl, this item also includes a digital copy of the album which includes the two bonus tracks on the US release of "Life Is Elsewhere."


Track Listing:


  1. A Little Opus
  2. Tense/Empty
  3. Jennifer
  4. Bayonne
  5. Waiting in the Shadows in the Dead of Night
  6. Violence Out Tonight


  1. The Western Boy
  2. Worry
  3. Semaphores On The Lawn
  4. W-O-E
  5. Woman Woman
  6. In Blue Music We Trust