The Lumineers Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)
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The Lumineers Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)

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Deluxe Edition of The Lumineers' debut album with five added bonus tracks, a 28 page photo booklet of never before seen photos, images and studio notes, and a DVD containing more than 25 minutes of stage performance, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. 

Track Listing (CD) Disc 1: 

  1. Flowers In Your Hair 
  2. Ho Hey 
  3. Submarines 
  4. Classy Girls 
  5. Dead Sea 
  6. Stubborn Love 
  7. Charlie Boy 
  8. Big Parade 
  9. Slow It Down 
  10. Flapper Girl 
  11. Morning Song 
  12. Ain't Nobody's Problem (Bonus Track)
  13. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (Bonus Track)
  14. Elouise (Bonus Track)
  15. Darlene (Bonus Track)
  16. Slow It Down-Live (Bonus Track)

Track Listing (DVD) Disc 2:

1. On the Road with The Lumineers

2. Ho Hey Official Video

3. Stubborn Love Official Video

4. Stubborn Love Tour Video