Dualtone Music Group

Expectations (Vinyl)

The new album from Wild Child, Expectations, on vinyl.

A coupon for 320kbps MP3 files of the album is included in the vinyl's packaging. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE TRACKS ONTO A SMARTPHONE OR TABLET.

Additionally, immediately upon purchase you'll receive SIX songs instantly via email! Download links are valid for 2 downloads or 21 days - and again, please download on a computer, not a smartphone or tablet.

Track List:
Album Side A
1) Alex
2) Eggshells
3) Back & Forth
4) Think It Over
5) Follow Me
6) Expectations
Side B
1) Sinking Ship
2) My Town
3) The One
4) Break You Down
5) Leave It Alone
6) Goodbye Goodnight