Dualtone Music Group

Cuba (Vinyl Reissue)

Originally released in 1987 and long out of print, Dualtone Records has reissued The Silos' definitive recording 'Cuba,' available January 6th.  Pressed on white vinyl, the reissue includes a free digital album download and a print of the 17"x11' poster that came with the original release.
Formed in New York in 1985, The Silos are considered "one of the pioneering bands of the early alternative country scene" (All Music). The Silos' second album, 'Cuba' was a breakthrough for their conceptual country-rock sound, earning them the title of "Best New American Band" in Rolling Stone the year of its release, and is often cited as a major influence on the forthcoming alt-country movement of the early ‘90s.
'Cuba' also stands out amidst a period of extraordinary creativity among American underground rock bands at the time such as R.E.M., the Replacements and Hüsker Dü. “Tennessee Fire” is awesome garage-rock sprawl, “Mary’s Getting Married” pure bliss, and “Margaret” a disarming look at the day-to-day meaning of love.