It's All Just Pretend (CD)
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It's All Just Pretend (CD)

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Seattle-based five-piece rock combo Ivan & Alyosha are finally complete, having organically grown from the original duo of Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary, adding Tim’s brother Pete and Tim Kim, then drummer Cole Mauro as a full-time member for their sophomore Dualtone Records album, It’s All Just Pretend, an uplifting exploration of the things that fuel their classic sound, steeped in the verities of family, faith and existential doubt.  On It’s All Just Pretend, Ivan & Alyosha continue to make timeless music that shows that rock and domestic bliss can indeed co-exist, as they overcome any obstacles by the sheer joy of their roles -- not only as performers, but brothers, husbands, fathers and sons.   


  1. Something Is Wrong
  2. Bury Me Deep
  3. All This Wandering Around
  4. It's All Just Pretend
  5. Tears In Your Eyes
  6. Oh This Love
  7. Come Rain, Come Shine
  8. Modern Man
  9. Drifting Away
  10. Let Me Go East
  11. Don't Lose Your Love