June Carter Cash - Press On (Vinyl)
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June Carter Cash - Press On (Vinyl)

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Press On was originally released in 1999 on the tiny Risk Records label. The album immediately garnered tremendous press accolades, culminating with a Grammy award that year. Risk Records went under shortly after release and Press On has been out of print ever since. Dualtone is proud to make available again this Grammy award-winning masterpiece.

1. Diamonds In The Rough
2. Ring Of Fire
3. The Far Side Banks Of Jordan
4. Losin' You
5. Gatsby's Retaurant
6. Wings Of Angels
7. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore
8. Once Before I Die
9. I Used To Be Somebody
10. Tall Lover Man
11. Tiffany Anastasia Lowe
12. Meeting The Air
13. Will The Circle Be Unbroken