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The Cradle (CD)

The Cradle (CD)

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The new album from Oxford, MS Colour Revolt.

“A tight 10-song disc with no filler.” -NY Post

“They're infecting their Southern- and blues-affected brand of slow-cooked indie rock with bouts of restrained tension and vaguely impetuous guitars....No matter what Colour Revolt decide to do on these tracks, each is successful.  -Alternative Pres

“Colour Revolt are on fire right now... a sonically adventurous new album.” -American Songwriter

“These ten songs combine the scrappy energy and nerve of a rock band that's spent a few years barnstorming tiny clubs with the grand-scale ambitions and sonic grandeur of art rock.” -All Music Guide

“Try “8 Years…The song has the fuzz and churn of early Fugazi.” -The Wall Street Journal 


Track listing:

1. 8 years

2. Our Names

3. Heartbeat

4. The Cradle

5. Everything Is The Same

6. She Don't Talk

7. Each Works

8. Mona Lisa

9. Brought to Life

10. Reno